March 1, 2011

Another gal that brought her A-game during this season of Hooters calendar submissions was Shelley from Hooters of Riverside.

Shelley and I shot a little earlier in the afternoon, which brings about its list of challenges…including, but not limited to, harsh light and shadows. But we definitely made do with what we had and made it work to our advantage. In the shots with the gold bikini, I worked on getting a little lens flare and softer light to create a more “angelic” goddess-like look, which I think came out pretty awesome. :) And of course she rocked the red bikini and animal print bikini too.

Shelley submitted some of the shots to Axtion Magazine… so check out the issue here.

The totally hot swimsuits used in the shoot were provided by Crispy Bikinis.

Here are the shots: