July 26, 2009
|  filed under: Photography, Podcast, Tech, Tips

Having a process that you follow when it comes to storing and archiving your images is so important, as I learned a couple weeks ago when one of my drives decided to crap out on me.

Equipment is man-made…and like a lot of things…it can break, get lost, stolen, etc.

When your storage solutions are down and there’s no way of working on your images, it can really throw a monkey wrench into your plans and really put life at a standstill…especially if you have to repair, restore, etc. It’s funny how we depend on our gear to get us through the day.

With good storage solutions, a proven workflow, and playing it safe, you can minimize your downtime, stress, and make sure you client is always happy knowing that you are taking precautions to keep your most valuable assets safe: your images.

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